1717 North Ridge Rd. E. (RT. 254)

Lorain, Ohio 44055

Phone: 440-242-0498

Fax: 440-242-0531

Open Sunday from 10 - 5

Monday through Saturday 8 - 6

Holiday hours are from 9 - 5

Closed New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

You can purchase our products from our local store or from our website. If you need help selecting the right product, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

Here you can download our catalog in PDF or HTML format. Products are divided into categories for your convenience.

We are offering a 10% discount on all regular priced merchandise to anyone who purchases our SCRUB CLUB PLUS  membership for a small fee of $25.00 (one time only) which does not expire until 05/31/2020. There is also a surprise bonus day (chosen at random at the beginning of each week) ,and on that day, members will get  a 20% discount. No one will be told ahead of time and will only know when they check out -Surprise!



Good used work uniform pants and shirts start at $1.95 each.

Used coats and coveralls start at $3.00 each

Used jeans start at $3.00 each (currently on sale At 20% off)

Used commercial rugs  (3X5 @ $8.00 each, 4X6 @ $12.00 each. and 3X10 @ $14.00 each)

We also sell used lab coats, chef coats, chef pants, more  @ $1.95 each

We sell boxes of barely wearable pants and shirts @ $12.00 a box (30 pieces per box).  Usually purchased by painters, roofers, etc.

New scrubs starting at $10.00 each piece through XL .   2X to 5X higher, (includes some brand names such as Barco. White Swan, Dickies, Cherokee,  Landau, Medline, more). 

We do carry some new work clothing such as  Hi-vis class II Bomber  jackets up to 5X, security shirts up to 5X, Polos, pants, shirts, coats, coveralls, chef coats, chef pants, a limited inventory of work  shoes, bandannas, belts, black aprons (11" and 15"), hoodies, thermal underwear, more.

New security shirts on sale @ $4.50 each ( 3 for $12.00)

New 100% polyester coveralls on sale $ $20.00 each. Colors include Navy, Black, Hi-vis  orange and yellow.


Shipping or delivery is available. Charges apply .

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit cards welcome.  We do not accept personal checks or Amex.


Limited quantities of disposable  gloves:  XL large powdered vinyl - $2.50 per box of 100 (10 cases of 10 boxes available - $2.00 per box for all 10).

                                                               S, M,L,XL powdered latex gloves  - $3.50 per box of 100 (approx. 35 cases total available- $3.00 per box for all 


Volume pricing on all $1.95 used clothing items, including pants, shirts, polos, chef pants and coats, lab coats, women's pants, etc:

    100 - 200 .... $1.50 each

    201 - 400 ... $1.40 each

    401 - 600 ... $1.30 each

    601 - 800 ... $1.20 each

    801 - 1000 ..$1.10 each

    1001 up ......$1.00 each

    Ok to mix these items.

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